Mirror Carp

This year we have re-stocked our lakes with mirror carp, thanks to our friends Jo & Lee from St Brice Carping.

A mirror carp due for a new home at Chateau de Grandchamp lakes.

Last year’s drought caused our lakes to suffer from algae problems and low water levels. Our fish had a tough time and some of our biggest and best carp did not make it.

Last summer we installed weighted pipes that blow air into the lake and oxygenate the water. This solution gave us the confidence to re-stock with carp. We also experimented with dye that prevents too much algae growing.

Carp transportation was a bit of a challenge! Our solution was to use large dustbins with lids in our trailer.

Barry converted a solar powered air pump to run off our car cigarette lighter. This ensured plenty of oxygenated water for the journey. Our first mistake was to use tap water and travel to the lakes. Tap water is not good for fish. We replaced this with lake water and the fish travelled in that.

A success! We arrived home after a very slow journey, with some very lively fish.

We have four kinds of carp. Common, mirror, grass and crucian, plus roach etc.

Lee with a common carp caught at St Brice Carping.

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