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London Pen Show

Our best Pen Show so far! With good sales and high footfall our trip to Hammersmith was a great success. As an online business we rarely get to meet our customers, so this is a great oppourtunity to put faces to names. Many thanks to all those who popped by just to say hello and […]

Mirror Carp

This year we have re-stocked our lakes with mirror carp, thanks to our friends Jo & Lee from St Brice Carping. A mirror carp due for a new home at Chateau de Grandchamp lakes. Last year’s drought caused our lakes to suffer from algae problems and low water levels. Our fish had a tough time […]

The Time Capsule

One of the most exciting things about living in an old house is finding things from the past. When we had to block up a large hole in a wall we were going to decorate, Barry suggested a Time Capsule. What a great idea! A chance to leave something behind for a future owner to […]


A success! There are times when leaving areas to nature just looks scruffy. It can give the impression we don’t care, or worse don’t know what we are doing! Every now and then something happens, sometimes something quite small that makes it all worthwhile. In July we saw black and white butterflies that we had […]

Joy and Sadness

What a wonderful month August has been. There have been highs and lows and not much renovating due to the high temperatures, but terrific all the same. The joys have included an English country wedding and having our grandchildren visit. We have enjoyed hearing the excitement of visiting France and watching them all enjoy the […]