The Creative Process

The first stage in any product development is the creation of initial sketches. All our ideas are based around the concept of Creating a beautiful object which serves a purpose . Gone are the days when objects were purchased just to sit on a mantle piece. I remember looking round at all the flat and simple cufflinks on the market and thinking why can’t we have miniature sculptures! The Labrador cufflinks for example are scaled-down Versions of a complete dogs head I sculpted a few years ago.

All the sculpting is performed using Chavant modelling clay. It is a hard wax like substance which enables a huge amount of detail to be added. Once the master has been created it can be scaled up or down to be used in a variety of different ways.

Only limited by our customers imagination!

We are happy to discuss any product in any material using any of our designs. For example

We have created wax candles and Christmas table settings using the Oakleigh bear mold.

Silver buttons using the Labrador head

Inkwell using our corgi head

Please feel  free to contact us With any of your ideas using our “contact us form”below