Year: 2022


A success! There are times when leaving areas to nature just looks scruffy. It can give the impression we don’t care, or worse don’t know what we are doing! Every now and then something happens, sometimes something quite small that makes it all worthwhile. In July we saw black and white butterflies that we had […]

Joy and Sadness

What a wonderful month August has been. There have been highs and lows and not much renovating due to the high temperatures, but terrific all the same. The joys have included an English country wedding and having our grandchildren visit. We have enjoyed hearing the excitement of visiting France and watching them all enjoy the […]

July at the Chateau

It has been a great summer so far. Chateau restoration is slow but steady with a few decorating jobs well underway. The old front door has a new coat of paint having had lots of restoration on the beautiful chestnut wood underneath. The metal door furniture is being cleaned ready for putting back on. A […]


Spring is always a busy time at the chateau. A lovely time of year, full of optimism and enthusiasm. Warm sunny days have meant lots of time outside doing essential maintenance. Builders have repaired storm damage to out buildings, friends have helped clear fallen trees. For the first time, this year trees not just used […]

Pens, Parcels & Products

Every day at the chateau is different. Always something interesting or exciting happening. After many years as a furniture designer, Barry’s attention turned to restoring vintage fountain pens. It started as a hobby in 1998 but quickly turned into a business. His website growing so large it became full time and sells restored pens worldwide. We […]